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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

CM urged to remove  Tamil Typewriter shortage

CM urged to remove Tamil Typewriter shortage

The Erode District Commercial Institutions Associations has pleaded to the Chief Minister to  take appropriate action to overcome the shortage of Tamil typewriters.  The 52nd General Body Meeting of the Association was held in Erode on Sunday.  Its district president S Narasimhan, secretary K Kothandapani, treasurer M Arulmani, state president K Sermakani, secretary 

SP Sathyamurthy, and treasurer B Venkatakrishnan spoke. The following resolutions were passed at the meeting: About one lakh students attend Tamil typewriting exam once in 6 months every year in Tamil Nadu.   But the companies that make Tamil typewriters stopped production many years ago.  So the existing typewriting schools repaire the old  machines again and again to train students and use it is for examination causing much hardship to students.  

Old machines cost up to Rs 40000 as new machines are not manufactured.  But English typewriters are available for less than Rs 20,000.  Therefore, the CM should intervene and take appropriate steps to manufacture Tamil typewriters.  Preference will be given to those who know Tamil typing in Tamil Nadu Government service.  So many people are learning  Tamil typing. It  is very helpful to run the computers .So the government should intervene in the problem.  

Similarly, employment in typing and shorthand proficiency in State snd Central Government Institutions is increasing every year. Selection for shorthand learners is done twice a year.  But there is no examination center for this in Erode district. So, students go to Salem or Coimbatore for the exam.  

Therefore, an examination center should be set up in the district. Currently, business schools offer computer office automation course (MS Word). For this, the Directorate of Technology authorizes them and gives certifies. If tgey are alliwed to teach other short term courses Tally and DTP etc students would gain much in 6200 typewriting institutions  in the state.