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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

CMCH successfully treats woman with autoimmune disease

CMCH successfully treats woman with autoimmune disease

Coimbatore Government Hospital doctors have performed cosmetic surgery on a woman suffering from a very rare autoimmune disease.

A 20-year-old woman from Coimbatore came to the Coimbatore Government Hospital four months ago with a complaint that she has an aged appearance and that there was hair loss on her left eyebrow. 

She was later diagnosed with a rare condition called  Parry Romberg Syndrome. This condition might leave the patients with wrinkles on one side of the face and some might run out of fat glands under the skin giving an aged look while in some cases, there would be hair loss on the eyebrows.

The doctors decided to perform cosmetic surgery on the woman, who was depressed about her condition. Then the fat tissue grafts were removed from other body parts and injected into the face.  In addition, the hair roots on the back of the head were separated and grafted to the desired area. 

The two surgeries were performed by doctors Ramanan and Senthilkumar under the guidance of Dr Nirmala, the Chief of the hospital. The team consisting of Prakash, Kavita Priya, and Sivakumar, successfully completed the work. The woman is now confident with a new look after the surgery.