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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Coimbatore Forest  dept removes weed  plants in Navakarai

Coimbatore Forest dept removes weed plants in Navakarai

The Coimbatore Forest Department is currently engaged in a weed removal project in the Navakkarai region of the Madukkarai Forest area. The project, which is being carried out in the Solakarai neighbourhood, aims to remove invasive weed plants, including oak trees and tick plants, from the railway track area.
Under the direction of the District Forest Officer, Coimbatore, a total of 90 hectares of oak trees and 50 hectares of tick plants are slated for removal. Additionally, efforts are being made to clear other unwanted weeds from the area. Forest department officials have emphasised that this initiative will facilitate better visibility along the railway reserve track. Clearing the area of invasive plants will enable reserve track guards to easily monitor the movement of wild animals, including elephants, ensuring enhanced safety measures.