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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

Coimbatore gets an advanced  traffic monitoring cell

Coimbatore gets an advanced traffic monitoring cell

In a bid to curb traffic violations and improve road safety, the Coimbatore City Police department has inaugurated a special traffic monitoring cell equipped with advanced technology. The cell, unveiled by City Police Commissioner Balakrishnan, marks a significant step towards a more efficient and automated traffic management system in the city.
The initiative comes amidst ongoing efforts by the department to address traffic concerns in Coimbatore. These efforts include the strategic placement of CCTV cameras to monitor traffic flow and identify violators. Additionally, the department has already implemented technology to detect speeding vehicles and impose instant fines.
The newly inaugurated cell, located in Sungam, boasts several key features: Four state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to capture clear footage of passing vehicles, automatically uploading their registration numbers, a system that identifies vehicles violating traffic rules and triggers an automated process. Violators will receive immediate SMS notifications of their offences, along with details of the violation and associated fine. The system will also expedite the process of filing cases against violators, ensuring prompt action.The police department has also introduced special signals to facilitate pedestrian crossings, promoting safety and convenience for the public.