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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Coimbatore police officials plant  500 saplings in Armed Forces Ground

Coimbatore police officials plant 500 saplings in Armed Forces Ground

In an effort to enhance the green cover and promote environmental sustainability, the Coimbatore police organised a tree-planting ceremony at the Armed Forces Parade Ground. Acting on the instructions of the Commissioner of Police, the event saw the planting of 500 saplings in the area surrounding the parade ground.
Police Commissioner Balakrishnan and Deputy Commissioner Saravanan were the special guests at the event and initiated the planting process. 
More than 500 police officials participated, each carrying a sapling, and collectively took an oath in the presence of the Police Commissioner to nurture these trees and contribute to receiving rain and improving the environment at the parade grounds.
Addressing the gathering, Police Commissioner Balakrishnan emphasised the importance of increasing oxygen levels and reducing carbon dioxide through tree planting. 
He highlighted the initiative's goal to provide necessary oxygen for the guards and their families and discussed broader strategies to reduce vehicular emissions, save electricity, and combat global warming.
Balakrishnan noted that the training ground currently houses 1,200 trees, with 1,500 trees planted last year showing good growth. 
He announced a plan to plant an additional 15,000 saplings. 
The Commissioner also encouraged the installation of solar panels in homes to further environmental conservation efforts.
Deputy Commissioner Saravanan, Assistant Commissioner of Armed Forces Shekhar, and other police officials were actively involved in the tree-planting activity, demonstrating their commitment to the cause and ensuring that the newly planted saplings are well cared for in the future.