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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Coke Studio Tamil unveils Season 2 with ‘Idhu Semma Vibe’

Coke Studio Tamil unveils Season 2 with ‘Idhu Semma Vibe’

Following an electrifying debut season that captivated audiences worldwide, Coca-Cola is humbled to present the second edition of Coke Studio Tamil. 

The title track, "Idhu Semma Vibe," translating to 'feeling awesome,'epitomises the energetic and positive vibe brought to life by the incredible artists collaborating on this season.

Arnab Roy, Vice President, of Marketing Coca-Cola India, and SouthWest Asia said, "Coke Studio Tamil Season 1 was a celebration of the plurality of Tamil music and a successful vernacular IP. Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 has songs around relevant themes for the youth with an immersive story world that we hope the viewers would enjoy.”

Ashwin Padmanabhan, President, Investments, Trading & Partnerships, GroupM India, shared insights into the groundbreaking approach of Coke Studio Tamil Season 2, and added, "Inthis upcoming season, our aim transcends the ordinary realms of musical entertainment. We celebrate innovation, diversity, and limitless imagination as we go into untouched creative spheres with the second edition of Coke Studio Tamil.”

The artists' unforgettable tracks will be released over the next few months in 2024 on the Coke Studio Tamil YouTube handle.