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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Collector attends special gram sabha meeting

Collector attends special gram sabha meeting

A special gram sabha meeting on sustainable development was held on behalf of the Rural Development department under the chairmanship of District Collector H. Krishnanunni at Koorapalayam Panchayat in Erode Panchayat Union yesterday in connection with Panchayat Raj day celebration.

He said '' a poverty-free village panchayat means that it should be a panchayat that will create a better living environment, development and prosperity for all and take necessary steps for all to lead  a healthy life.  We also need to ensure that all children are provided with the care they need to use their potential. 

All households should be provided with potable drinking water and water should be provided for agricultural activities and the  environment should be maintained continuously.  We need to protect nature's resources and greenery by giving them to our counterparts, including alternative energy. We should maintain cleanliness and protect the environment to make the panchayat that can withstand climate change.  
We need to set up a village panchayat with affordable, safe housing for all with basic amenities.