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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Collector inaugurates OEF new tank project

Collector inaugurates OEF new tank project

Collector H Krishnaunni inaugurated a new tank project  at Ganapathypalayam, in Modakurichi block, on Thursday, in the presence of Additional Collector L Madhubalan, OEF president M Chinnasamy, secretary S Ganesan, Joint Secretary MC Robin, vice president D Venkateswaran, and water management committee president D Shanmugasundaram. The Rs 15 lakh worth work was sponsored by Olirum Erode Foundation (OEF) under the “A pond for each town” scheme of it. 

The Foundation aims to improve drinking water and agricultural resources in water bodies in Erode district by deepening ponds, tanks, barrages, streams, lakes, canals etc.A lot of water harvesting work was being done by it. So far, 47 water works have been completed. 

The total area of ​​the pond is about 22.73 acres. Out of this, around 14 acres of pond was deepened in 2018. Another part of the pond has been chosen for creating a new pond in 7 acre as per the order of Collector. It is the 48th water project of OEF in the district.