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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Collector inspects CODISSIA Industrial Park

Collector inspects CODISSIA Industrial Park

Collector Dr GS Sameeran inspected infrastructure facilities of CODISSIA Industrial Park infrastructure facilities on Nov 3. During this reporter's visit, SIDCO Manager Sharmila, Mobpripalayam Municipality Chairman Sasikumar, Ward Member Sathyavanan and many others were present. 

The Collector said, Coimbatore district has 99 upgraded industrial estates and 271 factories in two industrial estates, Kurichi and Malumichambatti. The Electronics Industrial
Estate at Kalapatti has been transferred from the Commerce and Industry Commission to SIDCO. All 29 factories in it have been allocated. 

A total of 7500 persons including 2500 women are employed in the two industrial estates, Kurichi and Malumichambatti. 

In Coimbatore district, under the new private industrial estates development projects implemented by SIDCO, Tea Group in 13.45 acres in Sirumugai at a cost of Rs.6 crore, CODISSIA Industrial Park in Moppripalayam in an area of ​​227 acres at a cost of Rs.24.32 crore, Public Manufacturing Infrastructure Facility Schemes (CPI)'s Plastic Recycling Group at  Sulur Circle, Appanayakanpatti Puthur at a cost of  Rs 4 Crore Plastic Recycling Group are functioning, he added. 

He inspected the Periyar Memorial Samathuvapuram and Community Health Complex built at a cost of Rs.5.25 lakhs under the Swachh Bharat movement in Arasur panchayat.