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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Complaint against   DMK Councillor

Complaint against DMK Councillor

The residents of Erode Corporation's  20th Ward alleged that their ward Councilor Mohankumar of DMK  demolished a wall of public park in the Kumalankuttai area  and built a road to his house without any permission.

In the Kumaresan Nagar a park was built 2 years back under the Central government's Smart City project at a cost of around Rs 47 lakhs and is being used by the people. In this situation, Mohan Kumar, whose house is located directly opposite to the park, demolished the wall of the park wall to lay a road to his house.

The people of the area objected to this and lodged a complaint with the Corporation and the District Administration. The general public of the area besieged the corporation officer who came to  investigate the complaint.

Following this, they questioned the officials about demolishing the park and building a road when there is no way for proper drainage and rainwater in the area. Officials said that there is no permission to demolish the park and lay a road. So, appropriate action will be taken, they assured.