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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Complex Endovenous  Procedure performed on 78-year-old at Chennai hospital

Complex Endovenous Procedure performed on 78-year-old at Chennai hospital

 Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai successfully conducts a Complex Hybrid Endovascular procedure on a 78-year-old named Mr. Nagarajan under the guidance of Dr. Balakumar. 
The patient suffered from post-thrombotic syndrome, a chronic nonhealing ulcer in the left leg, and ankle region with significant impact disabling him with recurrent infection, edema, and pain. 

Active venous ulcers can be a major source of distress to patients causing physical limitation, social isolation, and increased health risk in patients with other co-morbid conditions. The patient approached Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai for a consultation where the complex Hybrid Endovascular procedure was prescribed.

Apollo Spectra Hospital

Dr. Balakumar Senior Consultant Vascular surgeon, at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai, successfully performed a Surgical Endophlebectomy in the femoral vein and Intravascular Ultrasound guided precise placement of the  venous stent in narrowed Iliac Vein in the Abdominal Segment simultaneously in a single setting, which expedited ulcer healing in the left lower limb within 3 weeks post-operatively. 

Current Venous treatments done under minimally invasive techniques  offers definitive  solutions for frail and elderly and are effective in preventing the recurrence of such wounds”