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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Congress has never failed to point  out DMK's mistakes: Selvaperunthakai

Congress has never failed to point out DMK's mistakes: Selvaperunthakai

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President Selvaperundagai said that the Congress never failed to point out the mistakes of the DMK government.
He met party workers in Erode on Thursday. Then, he told newsmen: The alliance with DMK is firm. 
We appreciate the good they do. At the same time Congress should be strengthened. 
We want Kamaraj rule to flourish again in TN.  
For that, I tour every district to strengthen the party's structure. 
We have condemned when the DMK government increased the house tax, property tax and electricity bill etc. 
Dravida model rule is for DMK. Marx Lenin's rule is for communists. Kamaraj rule is for Congress. 
Kamaraj rule is good governance. DMK is giving good governance. 
During the election campaign, Prime Minister Modi spoke against Muslims in the first two phases, but the studies came after the completion of the three phase elections India bloc is going to win big.
So Modi is talking differently now. Wherever Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi go, people gather in large numbers in Uttar Pradesh. 
The victory of the India bloc is assured there. Rahul Gandhi has said that he will give Rs 8500 to poor women from July 1 and he fill 30 lakh vacant posts. 
They are not like Modi's poll promises. But Congress will do what it says.  Congress alone brought Food Security Act, NREGS, waived Rs 74000 cr farm loan. We made 5 promises in Karnataka. 
We have accomplished that. Hence Rahul's promises will be fulfilled.  
During the interview, Erode East MLA EVKS Ilangovan, Congress functionaries former MLA Palanichami, Thiruchelvam, CM Rajendran, Rajesh Rajappa, Saravanan, Gnanadeepa, Jawahar Ali, Zubair Ahmed,  MM Harshad, and Badshah were present.