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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Construction workers union  seeks hike in pension to Rs 6000

Construction workers union seeks hike in pension to Rs 6000

AITUC Construction Workers meet held at Erode on Sunday under the leadership of state secretary S. Chinnaswamy demanded hike in the pension of constrction workers welfare board from Rs 1000 to Rs 6000 per month.  The following resolutions were passed:  The Anti-Labour Social Security Bill passed by the Centre will disrupt various social security schemes including the Tamil Nadu Construction Workers Welfare Board.

So, it  should be repealed. All construction workers who are registered with the welfare board and have completed 60 years of age should be given pension of at least Rs.6000/- per month.  Pension should be paid for women at the age of 55. ESI and PF benefit should be given to meet accident treatment expenses.

The welfare assistance provided by the Construction Workers Welfare Board should be increased as follows: Accidental death grant to Rs.10 lakh, natural death grant to Rs.5 lakh, funeral grant to Rs.2500, marriage grant to Rs.1 lakh, maternity stipend to Rs.90000.  fee housing to all homeless construction workers.  Welfare board cess should be increased to 5% from 1% of the building and construction project estimate. Relief for non-working days during rainy season (monsoon relief).