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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Corporation adopts novel ways to create awareness

Corporation adopts novel ways to create awareness

The city corporation’s sanitary worker had created awareness about the importance of abolition of dengue mosquitoes in and around the houses among the public in a novel way by dressing up like a mosquito at Jayashree Nagar in the east zone of the city.

During the monsoon season, the corporation has been taking numerous steps to control the breeding of dengue mosquitoes in the city. The mosquitoes breed naturally in stagnant water.

Create awareness

It has deployed over 6500 workers to inspect every household in all the 100 wards to control mosquito breeding. They have been checking the water tanks and other things like tyres or bottles where water remains stagnant. 

They are also distributing abate solutions to the public. In multi-storied buildings and in commercial complexes, the workers also slap penalty against the building owners if the breeding spot of mosquitoes were found.Based on the directions of the corporation commissioner  M Pratap, numerous activities have been done to create awareness among the public. As a part of it, a sanitary worker had dressed up like a mosquito and created awareness among the public.