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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Cost of Books up by 40- 50 percent

Cost of Books up by 40- 50 percent

The cost of books of many publishers who attended the 18th Erode Book Festival rose by 40 to 50 percent this year due to the steep rise in paper cost, hike in GST from 12 to 18 percent on many raw materials, used for producing books, and slapping of 18 percent service tax for book binding works etc. The hike in power tariff would further increase the price in near future. 

Says a publisher Gowra Jaiganesh ''During the last 6 months, the paper cost rose steeply by 40 to 50 percent. The interest of people in buying books didn't come down though many faced economic problems due to corona for the past 2 years. 

The Book Festival was not held for the past 2 years years due to Corona. So, it was also a reason for huge crowd in the book fair.  People didn't bother about price rise of books. 

They, as usual, extend good patronage to good writers and good books. All kind of books especially leaders' biographies, auto biographies, historical, social novels, books on self confidence and competitive exams, books related to Dravidian leaders were sold much,'' he noted. 

Many publishers say ''In those days, mega book fairs were held in Chennai and Madurai only. 
But, Makkal Sindhanai Peravai president lawyer T Stalin Gunasekaran arranged Erode Book Festival for the first time at Erode with 75 stalls 20 years back and following its success, the fair was being held with over 225 stalls every year. 

He kindled the reading habit of people especially students all over the state. So, similar fairs were being held every year in most of the districts for the past one decade with the support of NGOs and district collectors. 

It is a good trend helping people and students to get more knowledge, attend competitive exams. So, writers, publishers and printers also come up with many good books every year. 

The trend encouraged the state government to allot fund for holding book fairs in all districts this year. It would further boost the publishing sector. 

Many feared that Cell Phones and TV spoiled reading habits. But, in reality, the book reviews, discussion on new books and expos in social medias, and TVs improved the sales of books. 

Though many read books and newspapers through online in cell phones, it did not hit their interest to buy good books. 

So, year after year, the fairs and sales were increasing considerably. It would lead to creation of a knowlegeable society which could remove many shortfalls in the nation, in near future, they hoped.