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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Councillors welcome IAS officer's posting as Commissioner of Erode Corpn

Councillors welcome IAS officer's posting as Commissioner of Erode Corpn

Many councillors of Erode Corporation thanked the government for posting an IAS officer Sivakrishnamurthy as Commissioner of Erode Corporation. Mayor Nagarathinam and Deputy Mayor Selvaraj presided. 

They said since the Erode was upgraded as municipal corporation, an IAS officer was appointed as commissioner. It would help the civic body to speak directly with the government to meet the needs of people.

They said the zonal meetings should be held periodically as the Corporation council meeting held for 2 hours once in a month cannot solve all problems raised by the councillors. The speeches of the councillors should be recorded and they must be informed that their demands were fulfilled or not in the next meeting. The law must not be rigid and tax assessments should be made. If it is done, the revenue of the civic body would rise. The extension areas have broad roads and lights. But the property tax was not fixed. Heavy penalty was slapped when people came forward to remit tax. So, the penalty should be reduced. Then people would come to remit the tax. In 2008, when the Corporation was formed, the civic body has surplus fund. Now, it has Rs 100 cr debt. Rs 62 cr was remitted so far as interest under UGD scheme. Under the UGD, many manholes were damaged while vehicles were passing. The general fund should be increased. The street dog menace should be eliminated. L and T officials, who handle drinking water scheme, didn't work citing that they have to get Rs 48 cr due from the civic body. Though many roads were said to be sanctioned, many roads were not laid. People are ready to pay tax. But, officials didn't cooperate to assess the tax. The L and T should give 1.06 lakh water connection. But many were not given. In the name of unapproved layouts, the water supply lines and roads were not laid.