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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

CPI ML campaign in Salem in Support  of INDIA Alliance DMK Candidate

CPI ML campaign in Salem in Support of INDIA Alliance DMK Candidate

In a display of political solidarity, the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) organized a campaign cum public meeting in Salem in support of the INDIA Alliance DMK candidate for Salem Lok Sabha Constituency, T.M Selvaganapati.
The campaign culminated in a vibrant public meeting held at Salem Ammapettai which was presided over by CPIML Salem District Committee Member G. Jayaraman. 
The event witnessed fervent speeches and impassioned appeals from prominent CPIML leaders. State Secretary Pala Asaithambi, Central Committee Member Chandramohan, District Secretary R. Velmurugan, State Committee Member Ayyanthurai, CPI District Secretary Mohan, CPM East Municipal Secretary Pon Ramani, VCK North Urban Secretary Kaja Mydeen, and MDMK Pradesh Urban Committee Member Vijayakumar delivered fiery addresses to the enthusiastic gathering, rallying support for the DMK candidate.
The atmosphere crackled with energy as more than 200 party members participating in the event. Several key messages reverberated throughout the meeting, emphasizing the urgency of political change and the need to mobilize against what was described as the "disastrous, dictatorial" Modi regime. 
The rallying cries included slogans such as "Let's end the Modi regime!" and "Let's defeat BJP!", resonating with the attendees and encapsulating the mood of the campaign. 
Additionally, the importance of supporting IINDIA Alliance candidates was underscored, with a call to conscientiously choose representatives aligned with the alliance's vision and values. 
With the elections looming on the horizon, the political landscape in Salem and beyond brims with anticipation and fervor as competing visions vie for supremacy at the ballot box.