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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Crime control meeting held at  Yercaud Police Station under DSP

Crime control meeting held at Yercaud Police Station under DSP

A discussion meeting was held on Friday Yercaud Police Station, Salem District under the leadership of DSP Thayalanaiki with the officers and employees of Police Department, Forest Department and Revenue Department. Yercaud Forest Ranger Palanivel, Village Administrative Officer and many village assistants attended this meeting.

Yercaud Inspector Senthilraj Mohan and Sub Inspector Sabapathi made the arrangements for the meeting. DSP Thayalanaiki who spoke first in this meeting said that due to lack of telecommunication facilities in the rural areas, there is not enough communication between the villagers and the police department, so there is a lot of crime in the rural areas. It goes unnoticed by the police. 

So she asked the revenue department to visit all the villages in Yercaud and inform the police station immediately if you get any information.  She asked to report immediately if crimes like child marriage, brewing of fake liquor are committed.

Village administrative

During the discussion that followed, the revenue department official said that there is a lot of crime on the Yercaud Kuppanur road and to control this, many crimes can be prevented if there is a police check post on the road from Yercaud to Kuppanur. DSP Thaiyalanaiki said that serious preparations are being made for this and a check post will be set up soon.

Also, a request was made to the forest department to take measures to control the wild oxen coming into the town.  The Forest Ranger Palanivel, who replied to this, told  the places where the bisons are entering the town in large numbers and promised to take action to drive them into the forest area by placing loudspeakers and forest guards at those places. After that, if any forest animal attacks and kills the public immediately, if the first information report is filed and the village administrative officer issues a certificate, then the compensation amount will be given immediately by the forest department. Following this, Yercaud Police Inspector Senthil Raj Mohan explained the necessity of wearing a helmet while driving a two-wheeler and urged everyone to wear a helmet.