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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Criminals cannot escape

Criminals cannot escape

The bill to bring into force recording of bio-metric details of criminals and the accused was passed recently in the LokSabha and RajyaSabha.

It was sent for Presidential assent after its passing in the Parliament houses. According to the present criminal law (old law) the criminal cannot be compelled to disclose his physical identity marks. But the new law allows for recording bio-metrically the physical identity marks. But only those sentenced to 7 years minimum imprisonment in crimes against women and children can be forced to give physical identity details. 

The authority for getting the biometric details has been wrested with the Police Station Officer Incharge, the Head Constable or any official above the post. 

To obtain the biometric details, according to the new law, samples of handwriting, blood, sperm, scalp hair, scan of the pupil of the eye, saliva etc can be extracted. They can be subjected to DNA test also.  
It is not possible to detect crime of the next generation criminals using old techniques. Necessary changes in the law are needed to enable use of latest techniques in crime detection. Biometric samples will help in this and facilitate booking of modern day criminals. As the new law will be very useful it is being welcomed by many.

However the new bill is being criticized as it would undermine human rights of the criminal or the accused. It is also argued that it will not be a great mistake to undermine the human rights of one person who commits crime against several people. 

There is no doubt that the biometric system according to the new criminal law would help enforce rule of the law. Changes according to times are necessary.