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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Crocodile rescued from a banana plantation at Mokkamedu

Crocodile rescued from a banana plantation at Mokkamedu

A mugger crocodile was sighted in a banana plantation near Kandhayur village at Mokkamedu on Tuesday. Upon discovery by farmer Tamilselvan of Kandhayur around 7am, forest department officials were promptly notified. Tamilselvan is one of many farmers who utilise PWD lands adjacent to the Bhavanisagar reservoir backwaters for agriculture during six months of the year, paying a nominal fee for land usage.

A frontline team, led by Sirumugai forest range officer K Manoj, responded to the scene, strategically positioning nets to contain the crocodile's movement. After securing the reptile's snout with a rope, they successfully captured it. The crocodile, estimated to be around 12 feet in length and weighing over 300 kg, was then safely transported and released into the Bhavanisagar reservoir.

The operation, attracting the attention of hundreds of locals, lasted approximately three hours. The crocodile, having ventured at least 800 to 1,000 metres from the water storage area of the reservoir due to receding water levels in the dam, found its way into the banana field before being captured by officials.