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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Culture and civilisation that have become a big challenge

Culture and civilisation that have become a big challenge

The minds of the parents are perturbed by seeing videos on recent times in whatsapp of school girls in uniforms consuming liquor and two girls engaged in fist cuff fighting over a boy right at the school entrance.
 Also incidents of boys and girls straying into desolate and distance places and consuming liquor has been increasing. Worst than these are also happening.

In the name of romantic love, a boy tieing the knot for a school girl in uniform is also going viral in recent times.The person who posted it on the internet has been arrested. Girls going to cinema theatres cutting classes is also becoming common.  Incidents like this are posing a big challenge to our civilisation and culture.
Parents who see these posts on the TV and social media are greatly disturbed and are literaly carrying fire (of fear) under their belly.

Particularly posting videos like these of school going girls and boys is a punishable offence.  While happens to witness such incidents one should try to stop it with social concern  instead of recoding it. Atleast  the nearest police station must be informed.Sexual offences must be prevented.Although laws like  the POCSO Act are in place, social barriers are necessary and should be nurtured.

Even though mobile phone technology is very useful it draws  away the young people into deviance.
Parents should have close watch on their children especially girls atleast until they reach the stage of knowing right and wrong.  Only parents and teachers can create an atmosphere of good conduct to the children. Is it not wise to take preventive steps?