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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Cybercrime awareness rally

Cybercrime awareness rally

Erode District SP K Jawahar inaugurated a students rally in Erode on Friday to create public awareness about cybercrime.

The rally started near the Erode Government Hospital.

Due to the increasing number of online crimes, many activities are happening to the public such as loss of money, blackmail, sexual harassment. To prevent this, the public was urged not to be fooled by their WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, money transfer applications, social media advertisements, part-time job advertisements etc.

Women should avoid posting their photos, family photos and children's photos. This helps prevent extortion by morphing photos. Besides, they should avoid showing activity on various site links that come to them and be careful with transactions through OTP or bank account passwords. If other people have withdrawn money from their bank account, they can immediately contact 1930 and report it.

Apart from this, the Erode Cyber ​​Crime Unit can also be contacted at 0424 2265100. 

College students and NCC students participated in the rally.