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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Delhi’s bridle to T.N Governor

Delhi’s bridle to T.N Governor

Bhagat Singh Koshyari took office as the Governor of Maharashtra state in 2019. At that time, the Shiv Sena-led coalition government against the BJP was in power in the state. As a result, Koshyari continued to clash with the state government. After this, the coalition government led by Shiv Sena was overthrown and BJP coalition government was established. 

However, Governor Koshyari continued to make controversial comments. Koshyari's speech about ChhatrapatiShivaji, who is revered and worshiped by the people of Maharashtra, caused great turmoil in the state. That means Shivaji is a symbol of old times. Koshyari compared Ambedkar and Union Minister NitinGadkari as New Age icons.

Then who would have known about Chandragupta if not Chanakya? Koshyari said that if there was no guru named Samarth Ramadoss no one would have heard of Chhatrapati Maharaja. This speech also created a big storm. All the political parties of Maharashtra strongly condemned this. Similarly, Koshyari also spoke that Mumbai would not have been the economic capital of India without Gujaratis and Rajasthanis.

It was said that the central government did not want Koshyari to get involved in such a series of controversies. Koshyari has now announced that he will resign from his post as governor due to this. In Tamil Nadu as well, Governor R.N Ravi was strongly expressing his views on Tamil language and Tamil Nadu issues against the sentiments of the people. This caused a huge problem for the BJP in Tamil Nadu. After this Governor Ravi reversed his position.

According to reports in Delhi, the Union government is issuing reins to the governors because such controversies of the governors may affect the next year's parliamentary elections. It is also pointed out that the sudden change in the positions of Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi and the resignation of Maharashtra Governor Koshyari also reveal the Union Government’s thinking. It is to be welcomed that the Union Government has brought the encroachments of the Governors under control. But it should not be implemented with only elections in mind.

At any given time, be it states ruled by the Union ruling party or states ruled by opposition parties... Governors should have a smooth relationship with their respective state governments. No state governor should create such a situation that the President should take action after a complaint against him. Delaying the state government's legislative bills without giving permission will hamper the development of the state. Tamil Nadu Governor R.N Ravi should understand this and change his position further. Being the Governor of Tamil Nadu is not a big deal; He should become the governor of the people of Tamil Nadu. People of Tamil Nadu still believe that he will change. May the good change come soon!