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Today Date : Monday, April 15, 2024

Desertification of  delta farmlands?

Desertification of delta farmlands?

In Tamil Nadu, the Cauvery Delta area has been declared a protected agricultural zone by the year 2020. The rule is that no projects affecting agriculture should be implemented in the area.  It is learnt that the union government has issued a tender notification for preparatory work to set up coal mines in 11 places including Orathanadu, Vadaseri, Paravankottai and Kilikurichi in Thanjavur district which fall within the protected agricultural zone area. 

This has caused great shock and fear among the farmers of  Thanjavur district. Coal mining in agricultural areas will greatly affect agriculture and thus lakhs of farmers and general public will be directly and indirectly affected. Therefore, keeping in mind the future welfare and livelihood of the farmers, the central government should immediately abandon the preparatory work for setting up coal mines in the agricultural zone. 
The announcement of tender for carrying out the survey work is condemnable. Farmers are continuously protesting against this. In this case, this tender announcement by the Union Government is a move to soothe the wounds of the farmers. ' We don't want diamonds under the soil; The position of the Cauvery delta people is that they want agriculture. 

In this regard, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin wrote an urgent letter to Prime Minister Modi yesterday. expressing  that it is unfortunate that the Coal Ministry of the Union Government is acting arbitrarily without holding any consultation with the state government.  A special attention resolution was brought regarding coal mining in Tamilnadu legislative assembly. All the party members who spoke in it registered their opposition that coal mines should not be set up in the Cauvery delta districts. 

Speaking finally, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin said that he was shocked by the announcement of the Union Government and assured that they will never allow the construction of coal mines in the delta districts. This action should be stopped at the very beginning.  In case of failure, there is no doubt that all the farmers will come together and it will erupt into a huge struggle in the Cauvery delta areas. The people of Tamilnadu will never agree to allow coal mining in the agricultural lands of Thanjavur rice-rich districts of Tamil Nadu, and turn them into deserts!