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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

'Despite many problems, textile sector is growing rapidly'

'Despite many problems, textile sector is growing rapidly'

Despite many problems, textile sector was growing fast in the nation.  With a 48-year tradition in Erode, the launch ceremony of the new shirt varieties of the UNME brand, a leading textile company, was held at the Alayamani Mahal, Erode. Two new types of shirts, ZURE and GRASS COURT, were introduced at the ceremony, and these two new types of shirts were introduced with the latest technology.

The first sale at the event was made by the company’s chairman U.N.  Murugesan and Managing Directors E.M.Ravishankar and EM Jayaprakash.  
Mr. Roshan, Managing Director, Trichy Shardas, South Asia's largest textile company, received the new products.  

This was followed by a fashion show and art show. The grand event was attended by celebrities from the textile industry in Erode and the owners of more than 200 textile companies from across Tamil Nadu. Arrangements for the ceremony were made by the U.N.  Murugesan & Co.

In his speech, Ravishankar said ''the problems faced by the sector are lack of skilled labour, rising overheads, low customers loyalty,  hectic competition, compromise on margin for sales, huge investment needed for infrastructure development, etc.''  
However, the sector was growing as many leading textiles producers started expanding their infrastructure and  showrooms.  His firm, due to long experience in the field, faced the challenges by improving its technology, quality, design and style of products,  focusing on new brands to lure customers, pre sale publicity, social medias, continuous improvement in customer care, etc, he added.