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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Director LokeshKanagaraj unveils Endwars Sequel

Director LokeshKanagaraj unveils Endwars Sequel

Chennai's Comic Con India Festival 2024 witnessed an electrifying moment as renowned cinema director LokeshKanagaraj unveiled a dual treat for comic enthusiasts - the gripping sequel, ‘Endwars: Volume 2 – Dark Conquest,’ and a trendsetting Tamil transcreation of ‘Endwars: The Chosen One - Volume 1’ titled ‘Irudhipor – MannavanOruvan’ by the versatile MadhanKarky. At the helm of this epic saga is AmirtharajSelvaraj, a multifaceted individual who seamlessly juggles roles as an engineer, entrepreneur, politician and Director of Queensland Theme Park. Director LokeshKanagaraj congratulated the talented team behind Endwars, including artist SaurabChavan and co-writers MerilynJemimah and Victor Jayaraj. 

The man behind the Endwars universe, AuthorAmirthrajSelvarajSrivaikundam MLA and Director – Queensland Amusement Park shared profound insights into the creative process. " I extend my heartfelt gratitude to LokeshKanagaraj sir for his support in bringing the Endwars vision to life."

MadhanKarky, noted lyricist and dialogue writer, shared his insights stating, " I am confident that 'Irudhipor – MannavanOruvan' will not only capture the imagination of comic enthusiasts but also pave the way for a new era in Tamil storytelling within the graphic novel genre. This journey has been a testament to the power of language in shaping narratives and connecting diverse audiences to the captivating world of 'Endwars.”

The book launch event at the Chennai Comic Con concluded with a stimulating crescendo, as attendees were treated to a sneak peek into the visually stunning artwork and compelling storyline of the Endwars saga. The vibrant synergy between the talented team of artists, writers, and collaborators was a rendezvous of creative minds and avid readers celebrating the captivating world of comics.