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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

DJ hails Indian Medicinal System

DJ hails Indian Medicinal System

District Judge B Murugesan urged people to support Indian Medicinal System to check diseases in advance. He Inaugurated a free Siddha medical camp with herbal expo, held in connection with the 6th National Siddha Medicine Day and birth centenary of lawyer AP Chinnasamy,  at the District Court premises on Friday. It was jointly organized by the Government Siddha Unit and Advocates Association.'

Siddha medicinal system

He said that ''siddha medicinal system is a traditional system of TN.  While some medicinal system could help treat diseases after one suffers, siddha system would prevent diseases in advance.   Our saints  created the system by using available herbals in our area itself.  In fact, saint Bogar collected 9 poisonous  herbs and minerals to create 3 idols of Lord Muruga and kept one at Palani, another one at China and another one in the same Palani hill. 

Our ancient literature 'Natrinai' spoke about Tamils hatred to destroy trees to create medicines, indicating their love on nature. Keezhadi excavation indicated our civilization is over 3000 years old. So, in this soil alone the system was emerged.  But, there is a confusion among people now which medicinal system-modern or traditional siddha-could be followed. Both are giving contradictory ideas. 

It is our duty to protect and promote our ancient siddha system,  he asserted. Judges R Malathi, S Hema, CM Saravanan, District Siddha Medical Officer SG Gandhi, Advocates Association functionaries M Dhanraj, and N Saravanan were present.