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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Double speak of BJP

Double speak of BJP

While delivering a speech in Bundel Khand in Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Modi said that freebie schemes are very dangerous to the country's development.  While opposition to Modi's views came through many quarters Tamilnadu  Chief Minister M.K Stalin in a rebuttal said, schemes aimed at promoting welfare should not be put in a tight box and seen but viewed as economic revolution achieve d for the rural poor.

Next the speech about this by Tamilnadu Finance Minister P.T.R Palanivel Rajan made whole India to turn back. Controversy continued on the issue of freebies. In the legislative assembly election in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat BJP unleashed freebie schemes. BJP national president J.P Nadda in a statement announced that school students from 6 to 12 will be given free cycles and girls who go for higher education will be given free scooters. 

In this background now polling was held in Tripura state. Speaking in the final phase of the election campaign, Union Home Minister Amit Sha said, free scooters will be given to girl students who go for higher education.
BJP had even filed a case in the Supreme Court contesting against the freebie practice. But where ever election approaches, they continue to fool people by announcing free schemes Even if a matter becomes sensational country wide if it is against the BJP, Modi will not open his mouth.

When a controversial issue raises and when the opposition parties criticise and conduct protests, Prime Minister Modi will speak emotionally and abuse the Congress. He will keep silent on questions raised by the opposition. Adani issue and raids on BBC are some of the recent examples. Similarly when BJP ministers and national leaders announced freebies opposition parties  are critical. They question the neutrality of Modi. With this BJP'S double speak has come out. Is it right to sell one's principles for electoral gains? The public should understand so that they are not cheated.