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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital launches Relex SMILE PRO

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital launches Relex SMILE PRO

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital has introduced ReLEx SMILE PRO, the world's first and only robotic laser surgery, to correct myopia (near-sightedness) in less than 10 seconds. The procedure, which uses a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser to create a small, precise incision in the cornea, allows for the extraction of a thin, disc-shaped piece of tissue called lenticule from the cornea's inner layers, reshaping the cornea and correcting myopia.

Dr. Ashvin Agarwal, Executive Director and Chief Clinical Officer of Dr Agarwals Group of Eye Hospitals, expressed his excitement at the introduction of the Relex SMILE procedure in Chennai, stating that it represents a significant achievement in the healthcare domain. He also highlighted the procedure's minimally invasive nature, with no flap-related complications and no risk of dry eye.

Dr. Ramya, Zonal Head Clinical Services, Senior Refractive Surgeon at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals, stated that SMILE PRO is the world's first Laser Vision Correction procedure that is Robotic, Flapless, Minimally Invasive, Gentle, and virtually pain-free. It is suitable for a broad range of patients, including those with higher degrees of myopia, and expands the pool of individuals who can benefit from laser vision correction.

The procedure is suitable for individuals aged 18 years and above with a stable glass prescription for at least one year and suitable corneal topography. It is also suitable for those with professional requirements such as Army, Navy, Air Force or Police, sportspeople, refractive surgery in the pediatric age group, thin corneas, or those intolerant to contact lenses. The hospital has experience in refractive surgery in shaky or Nystagmus eyes and scarred corneas.