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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Drug free municipality assured

Drug free municipality assured

Usvathun Hasana Muslim Sangam (UHMS) Executive Committee Member Dr.P.R.L.Sathak Abdul Kader assured all efforts will be made to make Kilakarai drug free  municipality.
Hameediah Sports Club conducted two days state level Volleyball meet on 7th & 8th May 2022. Attending it, he said the game would help the youngsters of Kilakarai to mould the body and soul thereby prevent them from harmful narcotics activities.

In view of making the drug free municipality, the  UHMS would extend all help to conduct this kinds of events continuously in upcoming years also and give full support to the youngsters in terms of financial, physical and moral support because the nation's development was on the hands of youngsters.

This kind of sports events yield good quality and managerial skills like coordinating capability, problem solving, trouble shooting and decision making etc. 
The ultimate aim of the programme is to identify the potential sports person 
and train them to win in state  and national level events, he added.