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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Electoral Bond  transparency prevails over political resistence

Electoral Bond transparency prevails over political resistence

Disposing a public interest litigation arguing for transparancey in the Electoral Bond, the Supreme Court’s 5-judge Constitution Bench ruled that the election bond was unconstitutional, and the State Bank of India (SBI) was ordered to submit donor details by March 6. However, SBI Bank filed a petition that it would be able submit the details in June. The Supreme Court bench dismissed the appeal on Monday.
It is an excellent and commendable judgment which confirms the apex court’s reassurance that, ``We are here to protect democracy''.
BJP feels that people should not get negative thoughts about itselfat a time when the election is going to be announced. Perhaps it was why the SBI made took a major effort to fulfill its wish by making the electoral bond donar list not to be published...that too before the elections.
Due to strong opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act across the country, the Act was not implemented. However, criticism is being made that the Union BJP government is currently implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act to divert the media and the public as the electoral bond issue will cause a huge setback for the BJP.
Whoever had given in crores to BJP in the last 6 years is going to be revealed. The country is eagerly waiting for the information to be released by the State Bank of India today.
Irrespective of the impact let it be exposed.
The Supreme Court has restrained the arbitrary behavior of the ruling Union Government and upheld the legal norms. For that, the country appreciates the honourable judges including the Chief JusticeY.B Chandrachud.
We too appreciate and congratulate!