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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Electricity tariff hike: A rethink needed

Electricity tariff hike: A rethink needed

In Tamil Nadu, the electricity bill for houses and industries is increasing. At the same time, it has been reported that free electricity for farmers will continue has been reported.
It was in 2014 during the AIADMK government electric power charges were raised. Electricity charges for 8 years thereafter remained unrevised. Currently TANGEDCO is going to hike electricity charges again. Inability to take loans to set up new power projects is cited as reason for TANGEDCO to take this decision. 

However the govenrment has indicated that the revised fee is immediate. Currently Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission has been informed about this
It also said that suggestions from various consumers will be sought in September
and the final decision on the charges will be announced in October.

However, many parties are opposed to the electricity tariff hike. AIADMK and BJP parties have announced struggles. Some DMK alliance parties have also demanded that the electricity tariff hike decision should be reconsidered.Electricity tariff should not affect the public and industry. Taking this into consideration the request of all power consumers the Tamilnadu Government should reconsider its decision.