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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Electronic payment system in  government buses

Electronic payment system in government buses

From 1st May, all Tamil Nadu Government express buses have implemented with the procedure of getting tickets by paying cash, and the facility of getting tickets through electronic money transaction has also come into effect.
Express buses operating on 1068 routes no longer require cash to buy tickets. Payment can be made through Bank Cards, G-Pay, Mobile Pay etc. A facility has been made for it. 
The operator can easily issue the ticket through electronic transaction by taking cash from the passenger and at the time of issuing the ticket and withdrawing the remaining amount. It is well received by travelers.
In the next phase, the scheme can be extended to the intercity buses of other state transport corporations. 
Companies should come forward to implement this scheme in private buses as well. The next step is to introduce electronic ticketing in all city buses. Although many people travel in city buses, everything gets used to it.
Is it not possible to solve the small coin and change problem and hence the occasional arguments between the passenger and the conductor by issuing electronic tickets?
There is no doubt that this scheme, which is currently only useful to a limited number of passengers, will be welcomed by the majority of mobile phone users when expanded!