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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

End to suicides due to online gambling !

End to suicides due to online gambling !

The governor's approval of the bill to ban online rummy has made headlines. Usually, if a bill is sent for a second time, the assent of the governor is required. Because of that, it is said that the Governor may have given approval. 

However, there is talk of differing  views. This should be seen as a decision after political pressure. There is no deadline for the governor to approve the bill if it is passed for the second time. In that case, the main reason for this sudden approval was the reprimand from the Prime Minister's Office to the Governor. This is because the central government is not satisfied with the activities of R.N Ravi, political critics say. The reality is that the governors are acting as puppets of the central government. Whereas the central government will not appreciate their behavior if they are in violation of their oath of office. The anti-governor trend will ultimately reflect on the central government. So the Centre thinks that certain things can be avoided.

When Prime Minister Modi was in Chennai recently, he did not speak  freely to Governor RN Ravi. It is said that he was seen with a sad face. In such a situation, it is not surprising if the Governor is changed. As far as the Centre  is concerned, the 2024 Lok Sabha election is the main issue and the pieces are moving. For this, grassroots work is being done in every state. 
 Perhaps if there is a backlash in the election results and the majority is reduced, it may get support from the state parties on a conditional basis. If that is the case, even DMK can support from outside.

Political commentators say that the current Governor R.N Ravi's signature may be a signal that he will be changed soon. Leave all that aside. Let anything happen. The governor's approval of online gambling is welcome, albeit belated. 
As the death toll from this online gambling game in Tamil Nadu was increasing, the Chief Minister M.K.Stalin in the Legislative Assembly brought a separate resolution against the Governor's action, Governor R.N Ravi approved the Prohibition Act subequently. If the governor had immediately approved the law passed on October 19, 21 subsequent suicides could have been avoided. Let the online gambling suicides come to an end. The end has been written for the loss of lives of innocent people. The Online Gambling Prohibition Act has come into force today.
Congratulations to Governor R.N Ravi!