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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Enjoyable Bike Rally marks  International Women's Day Celebration

Enjoyable Bike Rally marks International Women's Day Celebration

Phoenix Marketcity Chennai, a premier shopping and entertainment destination, hosted an exclusive 15 km bike rally for women on International Women's Day. The event, titled 'Empower, Inspire, and Ride,' featured nearly 60+ women bikers enjoying bike riding through the streets of Velachery. The event showcased an impressive collection of bikes, including racer bikes, adventure models, and electric vehicles by BNC Motors and other prominent sports brands. The Centre Director of Phoenix Marketcity, Sabari Nair, emphasized the significance of the bike rally as a powerful emblem of women's empowerment and the freedom to shape their life choices.

 The weekend also featured a panel discussion on 'Radiate Courage and Inspire Change,' featuring distinguished speakers on topics related to inclusivity, women's rights, and the rapidly evolving gender dynamics in social and professional spheres.

The central atrium of the mall featured a captivating performance by Super Singer Reshma featuring Reconnect the band, as well as Makeover Master Classes by artists Lavanya and Arthi Balaji. The weekend's entertainment included mind-boggling juggling acts, creative caricatures, rhythmic beats of djembe drums, and on-the-go poetry writers.