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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Eradicate drug menace in the State: CM Stalin

Eradicate drug menace in the State: CM Stalin

“I don’t want to feel better just because of the fact that Tamil Nadu is doing better than Maharashtra and Gujarat in curtailing the movement of drugs. Even a small movement of drugs is dangerous and it is a shame on us. Tamil Nadu, which is growing in all aspects, should not let any ill-things grow in its soil,” said chief minister MK Stalin. 

In a first of its type, Stalin has convened a meeting of top officials, including all district collectors and superintendents of police, with an exclusive agenda to eradicate drug menace in the state. 

The Chief Secretary, Director-General of Police/Head of Police Force, all Police Commissioners, Zonal IGPs, Range DIGs were part of the brainstorming to achieve a drug-free Tamil Nadu. 

The event is being organised by the Narcotics Intelligence Bureau CID of the Tamil Nadu police in association with the School Education Department, Higher Education Department, and others. 

The focus of the conference would be to devise strategies to completely eliminate drug abuse by involving all stakeholders, particularly the youth, students and educational institutions. 

Tamil Nadu would be creating a world record with the Chief Minister taking the lead and administering a pledge against drug abuse to a few lakhs of students across the State. 

Stalin said, “Number of people using drugs and the movement of drugs have been increasing in the state with every passing day and it is a sad affair.

It is mainly because of the fact that sufficient steps were not given to control the menace during the previous government. However, we have been taking all the necessary steps to control the movement of drugs.” 

“We have conducted several such meetings to ensure law and order in the state. But now we have gathered together to take steps to ensure that drug menace does not become a major problem of the state in the future. We have to do everything in our power to control the menace. 

We have to take necessary steps to curtail drugs from entering into our state, from spreading it across the state, its sale and usage. Not just that, we also need to rehabilitate those who are addicted to drugs,” he added. 

From now on, we will have to ensure that not even a single person gets
addicted to it, he said, adding that district collectors and police officials should take a pledge. 

“I am handing over every district to you with a hope that you will fulfil my vision,” he added. People just need a reason to use the drugs and the reason could be anything from studies to depression, he said, adding that it is their responsibility to provide confidence to such people as it is a social problem.

“By curtailing the usage of drugs, we would also be able to limit a lot of crime in the society. In most of the cases, usage of drug is the reason for murder, dacoity, robbery and sexual harassment. 

Controlling the drug menace is a joint operation and by working together, we will be able to 
ensure a drug-free Tamil Nadu,” he added.