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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

Even if the regime changes, the scene should not change!

Even if the regime changes, the scene should not change!

Around 13,000 People's Welfare Workers people their jobs and sent home by the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, because they were the appointment of the then Chief Minister, late Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, in 2001 - Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

In the ensuing legal battle, even though the High Court gave a favorable verdict to the  People's Welfare Workers, the AIADMK regime appealed to the Supreme Court against the order. The investigation of the case went through many stages and on 11.4.2023, the Supreme Court gave a judgment that gladdened the  hearts of the public welfare workers, i.e. upholding their work. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a humanitarian judgment.

Although it is a sad news that some of the public welfare workers are no more alive, the judgment has brought happiness to those who live. However, the question has risen whether  many of them who are too old be employed as People's Welfare Workers? 
The Tamil Nadu government should show mercy to them and provide a new lease of life to all the People's Welfare Workers by creating an exemption with compassion. 

No doubt Chief Minister M.K. Stalin will be happy to present this to Karunanidhi as a centenary gift.
It is a indeed a great sin to remove employees who are appointed during a regime change. What could be worse than this? This has also been pointed out by the Supreme Court. All People's Welfare Workers should be appointed as permanent employees. No matter what regime change happens, the life of people like these should never change.
Even if the regime changes, the scenes should not change!