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Experts stress on  HMB for muscle health

Experts stress on HMB for muscle health

Four out of 10 Indians suffer from poor muscle health, says Dr. Ganesh Kadhe, Associate Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs at Abbott’s Nutrition business. “Muscles are dynamic and vital tissues for the functioning of the body telling us how we are going to age, stay active and independent. Both muscle protein breakdown and muscle protein synthesis, or building, are happening in the body throughout the day. 

However, breakdown can accelerate with age, illness and immobility. Hence, maintaining muscle mass with proper nutrition including HMB, which helps counteract muscle loss and restore strength and exercise as we age, is essential.” “HMB has been shown to stabilize the muscle cell tissue, regulate protein synthesis, increase lean mass, increase hand grip strength, preserve muscle mass thereby improving overall muscle strength.

Says- Dr. Paul Weischmeyer, M.D. E.D.I.C, Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) However, the quantity of HMB found naturally in these foods is difficult to support muscle health just by diet alone and is often found in nutrition supplements DrJayashreeGopal, Senior Endocrinologist says, “In a recently published (2021) study from south India, it was found that the prevalence of primary sarcopenia or age-related muscle loss was 39.2% where men were more prone to muscle loss than women.

As one ages, it is important that  we look after their body to maximize on quality of life. One needs to eat nutritious food, sleep well and exercise to manage their muscle loss, which is critical for overall well-being”