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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Farmers grievance redressal meeting

Farmers grievance redressal meeting

Collector Krantikumar Badi, district officers and farmers' representatives attended the farmers grievance redressal day meeting at the collectorate on March 24.  The officials  explained various welfare schemes in detail to the farmers, including foreign trade and organic farming, while professors from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University talked about crop disease control method. 

Infrastructure Developments

The meeting also addressed the need for various infrastructure developments, such as fixing waterway encroachments, repairing irrigation canals, building bridges, and repairing roads. Farmers demanded higher procurement prices, incentives for coconut production, subsidies for Kulappattukulam Irrigation Council, and steps to prevent pollution in the Noyal river.

The use of laser and seismic signalling devices to track and repel wild animals in agricultural lands was also showcased during the meeting. The farmers presented their petitions regarding various demands, and the District Collector, ordered the government officers to act promptly on the petitions.