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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Farmers' protest seeking more water release  in Mettur Canal

Farmers' protest seeking more water release in Mettur Canal

As the water opened in the right bank canal of Mettur dam did not reach the tail end areas, the farmers protested on Wednesday demanding the opening of additional water.

Due to severe drought in Mettur canal irrigated areas, water was opened for 15 days in the right and left bank canals at the rate of 200 cubic feet per second from last March 26 to fulfill the demand of the farmers. It is said that the water opened in Mettur right bank canal did not reach the tail end areas.

So, the farmers who had left Mylamabadi, Varadanallur and Thanipalayam areas demanding the release of additional water, said that they would join a picket at the three-way junction near Bhavani on Wednesday.

Subsequently, heavy police security was deployed at the area. Bhavani DSP Amritavashini, Bhavani Tahsildar Thiagaraj, Police Inspector Damodaran and officials of Water Resources Department held talks with the farmers who came to participate in the protest. At that time, it was informed that appropriate action would be taken if the petition was filed properly.

After a petition was submitted by the farmers to release water at the rate of 400 cubic feet for another 15 days, the ryots dispersed. Due to this, there was a tense atmosphere in the area.