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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Fetal Egg Donation: Let's prevent abuse!

Fetal Egg Donation: Let's prevent abuse!

There were complaints that the fetal eggs of a 16-year-old girl were donated for artificial insemination at a private hospital in Erode and a private hospital in Perundurai, and that the eggs were being sold illegally. Police have registered a case in this regard. Police arrested four persons in connection with the incident, including the girl's mother, the mother's second husband, a broker and a fake ID card holder. Investigations are ongoing in several phases.

A team of doctors has been set up on behalf of the Department of Medicine and Rural Welfare,Government of Tamil Nadu and an investigation is underway. Meanwhile the case related to fetal egg donation has caused a great deal of sensation and confusion among the people. No one is aware of the full picture. The police and the medical department are on the right track investigating the matter competently.

From preliminary investigations it is said that the modus operandi involves using fake Aadhar card to sell fetal eggs.Aadhar card is issued by the government and hospitals therefore do not have the facility to test its authenticity. Often no one checks it.
To put a check on the abuse, proper guidelines regarding ovulation should be devised. Therefore, proper guidance is needed to prevent people and hospitals from being harmed in the future. Questions like, who should donate eggs? When to deliver? Should be addressed, the Medical Council of India has insisted.

If the government creates ovarian banks with proper guidelines like there are organ donation and blood donation banks, malpractices can be prevented.
Investigation will bring to light how much malpractice has taken place in egg donation in the country? What is its authenticity?. And the next steps must be taken immediately!