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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

Fire in AC machine in Corpn Middle School

Fire in AC machine in Corpn Middle School

AC machine in the middle school at Erode caught fire on Tuesday. There is a Corporation Middle School in Erode Thirunagar Colony. A 2-day training for Illam Thedi Kalvi Iyakkam Project volunteers was going on there. 

A teacher went to the smart classroom where the training camp was to be held and switched on the AC machine. Immediately, smoke came out of it. 

The shocked teacher rushed and informed the headmistress. Meanwhile, the fire is burning started spreading. The teachers acted quickly and brought the children from other classrooms out and secured them. 

At the same time, they disconnected all the electricity connections to the school. Erode fire station personnel rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire. Students are not allowed inside the school premises. 

Aruna Devi, the headmistress of the school, informed the authorities about this. Erode Municipal Corporation 1st Zone President PK Palanichamy, Executive Engineer Vijayakumar, Assistant Commissioner Kumaresan, Regional Education Officer Mekhaladevi, Education Supervisor Mylaswamy and held an inquiry. Electricity Board employees immediately came and disconnected the power supply in the area.