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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Flood situation in Moyar river

Flood situation in Moyar river

People of Tengumarahada continue their dangerous journey across the Moyar river in parisal.
There are about 750 families in Tengumarahada in Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Bhavanisagar forest area. 
As the Moyar river flows around Tengumarahada, the villagers have to cross the river in ferries for their daily needs.  

Over the past few days, Udagai, Gudalur and Koogaldurai witnessed heavy rain causing floods in Moyar and the water level in the river rose by 5 feet.  Thus vegetable lorries are waiting on the shore of the river unable to enter Tengumarahata .  

Villagers of Allimayaru, Tengumarahada and Kallampalayam were paralyzed due to floods in Moyar.  However, there is no other way for people but to embark on a dangerous journey to cross the Moyar in the ferries.  

On Tuesday, more than 50 people made the perilous journey in the ferries to board the state-run government bus to go to Bhavanisagar  The people have demanded the construction of an elevated bridge over the river as the life of the people was paralyzed during the rainy season.  

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that the Forest Department and the Revenue Department are arranging for the resettlement of the people of Tengumarahafa in the plains.