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Today Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Forest fire rages in Shevroyan hills

Forest fire rages in Shevroyan hills

Many acres of trees were burnt to ashes due to a forest fire that broke out suddenly in the forest area near the Shervaroyan cave temple in Yercaud, Salem district.

As summer is scorching in Tamil Nadu. Salem district has been affected by elevated heat tempreture up to 105 degrees . As a result, the trees in Yercaud hill, a major tourist destination of Tamil Nadu, have dried up and lost their greenery. Therefore, two weeks ago, a large-scale forest fire broke out in the forest area of the Yercaud range, destroying several acres of rare herbs and trees. After that, the burning of forest fires was seen to decrease despite the high impact of the sun for the last two weeks.

 Amidst this situation last night, a sudden forest fire broke out in the mountain area of Yercaud Shervarayan cave temple and the trees in the forest area started burning. The Yercaud fire department rushed to the spot and tried to douse the fire in the forest area. But because the fire was burning in a very hollow area, the fire department was unable to reach the burning area, so they are unable to extinguish the forest fire. The fire is still raging according to local sources.