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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Freebies and Corruption will create a  situation in TN as in Lanka: Premalatha

Freebies and Corruption will create a situation in TN as in Lanka: Premalatha

DMDK state treasurer Premalatha Vijayakanth has cautioned freebies and corruption would lead a situation in TN as in Lanka. Talking to newsmen at Erode, she said  already state's debt burden rose from Rs 3 to 6 lakh crores and all PSUs including TNEB,  TNSTC etc suffered with huge loss. Over 37 percent of state revenue was spent for freebies. So,  the CM himself sought more fund from PM when he visited Chennai. If DMDK came to power it would seize the assets amassed by the councillors to ministers illegally and settle the state's debt burden fully. When DMDK founder Vijayakanth assured PDS goods at the doorstep of people and wipe out corruption, many ridiculed.  But,  now,  Punjab, Delhi and Andhra governments and many political parties spoke on the subject.

She rued that the people were duped by giving freebies and Rs 500-1000 for votes.  Law and order situation was deteriorating as murder, rape, robbery, chain snatching became order of the day. Lot  of promises were made by DMK  to come to power. But, many were not yet fulfilled. I didn't not understand on the Chief Minister's Dravidian model of rule.  Whatever may be.  People's  satisfation is must.  But, prices of all goods including petrol, diesel,  cotton yarn etc rose. 

 Spinning mills were remain closed for the past 7 days affecting the jobs of many.  Both the Centre and State blamed each other on the issue. The ruling DMK alone said that it fulfilled many promises but people didn't say like that. She welcomed BJP leader Annamalai's stand of releasing the corruption of ministers.  As said by Vijayakanth, the guilty should be punished. Raids were conducted in the ministers homes.  But, nothing was done against them so far,  she rued.

  If the DMK and its allies said BJP has divided people in religious angle,  they should  alone explain it.  As far as her,  communal amity was being well maintained in TN. Religion  is a sensitive issue.  So, all should respect others religion and worshipping places, she pleaded.  Her party's position on LS poll would be revealed at appropriate time.  Now, steps were taken to strengthen the party in all districts, hold party officebearers election and convene their meeting on June 2, she said.