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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Fruit display begins at Coonoor Sims Park

Fruit display begins at Coonoor Sims Park

The 64th annual fruit display at Coonoor Sims Park, organised by the Nilgiri District Horticulture Department and District Administration as part of the Summer Festival, was inaugurated by District Collector M. Aruna. This year’s event is particularly special, marking the 150th anniversary of Sims Park.

The fruit display features impressive installations, including shapes resembling King Kong, a dinosaur, and a duck, all crafted from 1.75 tons of black grapes. Additionally, 150 varieties of fruits are showcased, highlighting the rich diversity and pride of fruits grown in the region.

The fruit display runs from May 24 to May 26. The inauguration saw the participation of notable officials, including Additional Collector Koushik, Associate Director of the Horticulture Department Sybilia Mary, as well as other representatives from the Horticulture and Government Departments. The event also attracted a large number of tourists, eager to witness the vibrant and creative displays.