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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Ganga Hospital acquires the first VELYS Joint Replacement Robot

Ganga Hospital acquires the first VELYS Joint Replacement Robot

Arthritis of the knee is the inflammation of the knee joint causing pain, swelling and stiffness and it affect everyday activities.  Joint Replacement Unit in  Ganga hospital is one of the largest orthopaedic hospitals in South Asia with a bed capacity of 650 beds and 36 Operating theatres. 

Having performed more than 30,000 joint replacements so far, and being one of the leading arthroplasty units in the country, it introduced advanced technology to deliver better results and improved functional outcomes to patients suffering from arthritis.

Ganga Hospital

The benefits of Robotic Total Knee replacement are increased accuracy of implant alignment, shorter recovery time, early mobilisation, decreased pain post surgery, decreased post operative complications and improved functional outcomes. It has chosen VELYS amongst many available robots. We are also happy to have the First VELYS in the whole of Asia.  

The advantages of VELYS Robotic technology are the combination of the best of computer navigation and surgical expertise to achieve optimal patient outcomes. It does not need preoperative CT scan and hence avoids unncessary radiation and cost.  It allows patient specific intraoperative planning to give excellent results. 

The PROADJUST software allows patient specific personalised alignment and soft tissue balancing. The ACCUBALANCE software allows realtime visualisation of joint balance through entire range of knee motion.