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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

Gedee Car Museum Unveils Exclusive Collection of Indian Cars to Celebrate Independence Day

Gedee Car Museum Unveils Exclusive Collection of Indian Cars to Celebrate Independence Day

To mark the 77th Independence Day of India, the Gedee Car Museum  threw open its doors to the general public with new exclusive display of Indian Cars from today starting at 09:00 AM

The Gedee Car Museum, renowned for its captivating array of automobiles, has introduced this remarkable new addition to its collection. Bolstered by this enthusiastic response, the museum has been consistently expanding its assortment of vehicles, the museum has unveiled an exclusive section dedicated to Indian Cars, showcasing the nation's accomplishments in the automobile industry since gaining Independence in 1947, according to the museum managers.

Spanning a sprawling area of 10,500 square feet, the Indian car exhibit features an assembly of approximately 40 vehicles that were remarkable and pioneering in their respective eras. This meticulously curated display is thoughtfully organized by business houses, including renowned names like Hindustan Motors, Premier Automobiles, Standard Motors, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Tempo, Sipani Automobiles, Maruti Udyog, Tata Motors, and more. The exhibit pays homage to the iconic vehicles produced by these establishments. While some of the showcased cars have been meticulously sourced and restored in-house, others have been generously contributed by patrons of the museum.

Beyond merely showcasing automobiles, the Gedee Car Museum takes on the role of a historical narrative, accentuating the trajectory of the Indian Automobile Industry. Moreover, it sheds light on the indigenous endeavors undertaken in creating a 'people’s car' on Indian soil, says M Suresh Naidu, General Manager, GD Museums.