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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Glucometer given to 66 Kids

Glucometer given to 66 Kids

District Collector Dr. G.S.Sameeran distributed Glucometer and Glucotrips to 66 children suffering from type 1 diabetes in the Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital, on behalf of Idhayangal Foundation.

Dean of the Hospital Dr.Nirmala, President of the Foundation Dr Krishnan Swaminathan, Head of Child Welfare Division Dr Keethanjali, Coimbatore ZF Director Mr.Deepak and many others participated in the event.  Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said, Type 1 diabetes is mainly diagnosed in children and adolescents. 

When the body does not completely secrete insulin, such diabetes is surfaced. 20,000 children across  Tamil Nadu are suffering  from type 1 diabetes. 800 children are affected in Coimbatore district. 

Children suffering from this disease suffer from learning disabilities. Not only them their parents are also very distressed. Economically they are also very affected.  This disease is not incurable. It is a disease that can be cured by medicine. If the right amount of insulin is given to them at the right time, they can lead a healthy life like other children without any harm. But the medical cost for this is high. 

Rather than treating it as a disease, it can be considered a deficiency.  Therefore, if they are given insulin to correct this deficiency, there will be no problem.  So, parents don't worry. The government will support you. The Foundation provides Glucometers, Glucostrips to these children today with the help of LFAC from Australia and RTL from Bangalore," he added.