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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Gold prices soar today

Gold prices soar today

The price of gold continues to rise. A gram of jewellery gold, which sold at Rs 5,900 in January, is now selling at Rs 6,820. It has increased by Rs 7,360 per sovereign in 5 months.

During this period, the price of gold has fluctuated. Its volatility was such that if the price increased by 100 rupees, it would only decrease by 10 rupees.

On July 1, it sold at Rs 6,685, and on July 2, it sold at Rs 6,690. On July 3, the price was Rs 6,695, and it increased by Rs 65 per gram on July 4. Gold prices remained unchanged yesterday.

Today, the price of gold increased by Rs 60 per gram again. The price of 22-carat jewellery gold in Tamil Nadu has increased by Rs 60 per gram, selling at Rs 6,820 per gram and Rs 54,560 per sovereign. The price of 18-carat jewellery gold has increased by Rs 50 per gram, with a gram selling for Rs 5,587 and a sovereign for Rs 44,696.

Silver, which sold at Rs 94.70 per gram yesterday, is now selling at Rs 99.30 per gram and Rs 99,300 per kg.